American Express Working Capital

American Express offers small businesses in the US loans and credit lines through its American Express Working Capital USA financing program.


In the United States a lot of small firms still struggle to get finance. Conventional bank loans have drawn out application processes, stringent qualifying standards pertaining to collateral and personal credit scores, and usage restrictions. Faster solutions are provided by alternative internet lenders, but they come with high interest rates and costly origination costs.


In light of these capital access barriers, American Express launched its Working Capital program to provide more affordable financing choices specifically designed for U.S.-based small businesses. By leveraging daily card transaction data instead of tax returns or personal finances, American Express can deliver loan decisions rapidly and tailor flexible terms around each business’s financial profile.


Working Capital offers term loans up to $500,000 as well as revolving lines of credit to qualifying firms across a wide range of industries. As long as businesses have at least $50,000 in annual charge volume, strong payment histories, and minimum one year of operating history, they stand a strong chance of approval. Applications take around 10 minutes to complete online and funding can be received in as little as two days.


One of the biggest advantages to American Express Working Capital is that repayments automatically adjust based on daily card sales. When transaction volumes are lower in a given month, businesses pay back less while still having access to capital to cover costs. There are no fixed monthly repayment schedules to worry about. As long as companies keep processing with American Express, they simply repay a small percentage of each day’s volume until the outstanding balance gets paid off, typically within 12 months.


Working Capital comes with no personal guarantees or collateral required. Because repayments tie directly to future credit card sales, the product inherently aligns with a business’s ability to manage the debt. Companies have less risk of delinquencies or bad credit events even during slower periods. And by keeping card processing active, businesses fuel their own repayments over time through customer transactions.


Beyond flexible structures, American Express delivers dedicated account management and support tailored to each business’s industry, goals and challenges. Specialist advisors help owners best leverage capital for growth or inventory investments while navigating changing market conditions. Companies can gain financial guidance matched directly to their unique needs.


With customizable terms backed by future sales, specialist advisors, and no fixed repayments or guarantees, Working Capital presents an accessible path to capital for U.S. small businesses without the typical barriers. Qualifying firms across industries like food and beverage, healthcare, retail, services, and beyond can unlock funding that works with their priorities and capabilities while enabling growth. American Express utilizes its data, risk management capabilities and balance sheet to help remove obstacles for main street businesses searching for working capital.

Overview of American Express Working Capital

American Express Working Capital provides financing options up to $500,000 to qualified small businesses.:

No Collateral Required

The loans and lines of credit do not require any business or personal collateral or guarantees.

Online Application

The entire application process can be completed online in about 10 minutes. American Express uses online data and accounting software integrations to make fast credit decisions.

Benefits of American Express Working Capital

American Express Working Capital provides several advantages over traditional financing options:

Simple Qualification Requirements

The program uses daily card transaction history instead of tax returns or financial statements to qualify applicants. Seasonal businesses can qualify even if they show annual losses.

No Personal Collateral or Guarantees Needed

The loan or line of credit is secured by a business’s future credit card sales rather than any personal assets. Owners have less risk if the business struggles.

Lower Rates Than Other Options

Rates for American Express Working Capital are generally lower compared to merchant cash advances or alternative online lenders. There are also no hidden fees.

Payback Tied To Card Sales

The flexible payback structure connects payments to credit card sales volumes. In slow months, businesses pay back less while they pay more when sales increase.

Dedicated Account Management

American Express provides specialist support. Account managers offer guidance on managing cash flow needs and can adjust payment terms as business conditions change.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for American Express Working Capital, businesses must meet certain criteria:

Time in Business

Firms should generally have been operating for at least one year to demonstrate financial performance. However, startups may still qualify in some cases.


Most industry verticals are supported besides gambling, insurance, non-profits, and investment firms. Applicants must operate a legitimate business.

Annual Revenue

Annual credit card sales volumes should be at least $50,000. Higher revenue businesses can qualify for larger loan amounts.

Card Processing History

Businesses need to process with American Express for a minimum of 3 months. Longer histories demonstrate the ability to manage credit.

Getting Started With American Express Working Capital:

If your business meets the eligibility criteria, follow these steps to get started:

Submit Online Application

Visit the American Express Working Capital website and complete the online application. The application requests basic information about your business and credit card processing history.

Review Offers

Within a few minutes, American Express provides qualified applicants with financing offers detailing loan amounts, rates, and repayment terms. Select an offer that aligns with your needs.

Accept Offer & Finalize Details

Work with an American Express representative to finalize details and accept the offer via DocuSign. Funds can be deposited within 2 days after acceptance.

Make Daily Card Sales

Once approved, simply continue processing credit card payments with American Express. A small percentage of each day’s volume goes towards repaying until the outstanding balance is paid off.


What types of financing does American Express Working Capital offer?

American Express Working Capital provides both term loans and revolving lines of credit. Term loans provide a lump sum payment while lines of credit enable multiple draws over time up to the credit limit.

How long does it take to qualify and get funded?

The online application only takes about 10 minutes. Approved applicants can receive funding in their bank account as soon as 48 hours after accepting an offer.

How are rates and terms determined?

Rates and terms are customized for each business based on years in operation, industry, annual revenue and daily credit card sales volumes. Better qualified applicants receive lower rates and longer terms.

When do repayments need to be made?

There is no fixed repayment schedule. Instead, American Express takes a small percentage from each day’s credit card transactions, allowing repayment amounts to fluctuate with sales volumes.

What happens if the business closes or credit card processing ends?

If a business closes, any outstanding Working Capital balance owed to American Express would need to be repaid at that point through normal collection processes. Keeping processing consistently helps ensure manageable repayment.


American Express Working Capital provides a flexible funding option to help small businesses invest in growth or smooth out cash flow gaps. By tying repayment to future credit card sales it gives companies an affordable way to access capital fast without requiring collateral or fixed repayments. Businesses already processing with American Express should consider if the program fits their financing needs. With quick approvals, custom terms and dedicated support, American Express Working Capital tailors solutions to each unique situation.


As highlighted throughout this piece, American Express’s Working Capital program affords United States small businesses a versatile affordable capital resource tailored to their unique needs. By assessing daily card transactions instead of financial statements or tax documents, American Express streamlines qualifying and customization to each applicant.


Eligible firms spanning 1+ years operating history and at least $50,000 in annual card volume can access term loans or revolving credit up to $500,000. Quick 10 minute applications lead to funding as soon as 48 hours upon approval. No collateral or guarantees reduces risk and barriers to capital.


Importantly, American Express aligns repayment with future sales volumes via each day’s credit processing. So instead of fixed schedules, businesses only pay back a small percentage per daily transaction total. Once the balance reaches zero over a typical 12 month timeframe, the terms reset allowing firms to draw again as needed. This failsafe structure ensures affordability and flexibility.


In addition to favorable rates and terms for approved small businesses, American Express provides dedicated performance advisors for ongoing capital management guidance tailored to each industry and situation. Specialists help owners best employ working capital for growth, inventory and vendors while navigating market fluctuations.


By combining fast digital applications putting daily volumes first with dedicated advisors and flexible repayments tied directly to card processing, the American Express Working Capital proposition overcomes persistent small business lending gaps. Qualified restaurants, retailers, services companies and more gain access to capital critical for expanding operations, hiring talent, smoothing cash flow and supporting customers without common barriers to funding.


In summary, by fully digitizing and integrating underwriting through credit card analytics, American Express can match affordable working capital to United States small business realities more accountably than traditional lenders. Applicants unlock terms catered directly to present and future ecommerce activity. The program delivers capital as a performance enabler rather than a restriction by basing control in each business’ hands through everyday processing and advisor guidance. For main street brick and mortars, Working Capital financings fuel financial control and growth.


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